Get to Know Us

1946 - The First Factory

Börje Elvir Håkansson resigned in 1945 at his own request from his position as a metal presser at Malmö Metallvarufabrik, praised for his good conduct and skilled workmanship.

In September 1946, he signed a lease for a 14 sqm basement space in the Smedjekullen block in Malmö. The monthly rent was a manageable 17 kronor and 50 öre. The authorities permitted the space to be used for a mechanical workshop. This marked the foundation of B. Håkansson’s Metal Pressing, which would eventually evolve into CEPA.

As a skilled craftsman, Börje laid the foundation for the techniques still used in CEPA’s manufacturing today. Much has changed since the days when production consisted of press-turned components for the lighting industry and the materials were personally collected by the boss – on a bicycle.